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Surgery with intraocular lens implantation to correct cataracts and myopia

Neus Fité: The best thing is the feeling of freedom I have now, not depending on glasses.

Thanks to surgery with intraocular lens implantation to correct cataracts and myopia at Omiq, Neus Fité has seen one of her greatest desires come true: to enjoy quality vision. At a very early age, she was diagnosed with considerable myopia -4.75 in the right eye and 4.50 in the left eye-, with some astigmatism, which forced her to wear glasses since childhood. Later, in her forties, she began to suffer from presbyopia, which affected her near vision. And, to top it all off, a cataract resulting from aging caused, after the age of 60, an even greater and gradual deterioration of his vision in both eyes.

What motivated you to seek Omiq’s help?

After so long suffering from eye conditions, I decided I wanted to see the world.

Why did you come to Omiq?

I met Omiq through a friend, Dr. Xavier Albalat, who told me about the skills and great professionalism of his friend, Dr. Xavier Albalat. Dr. Mercè Guarro. After an annual check-up at my regular optician’s, the optometrist who saw me recommended that I visit a specialized ophthalmology center to diagnose the possible appearance of a cataract. I made an appointment at Omiq and, already after the first tests, I liked it very much, so I decided to go ahead with the proposed treatment. I can say that I was delighted from the first visit.

Did you feel well taken care of by the Omiq team?

Absolutely! All the people who attended me were very pleasant. I immediately felt at ease, welcomed and well cared for. I didn’t have to suffer long waits either, as soon as you enter, they call you back. Everything went perfectly.

Surgery with intraocular lens implantation

How was your experience during the operation?

La Dra. Mercè Guarro operated on both my eyes in fifteen days. Everything went perfectly in the two interventions that took place in the afternoon and I did not feel any pain. During the pre-op I felt so comfortable that I even asked the doctor to explain in detail what the whole process would be like. We had a nice chat before my surgery.

What did the operation consist of?

I had surgery with multifocal intraocular lens implantation to correct myopia and cataract.

Were you able to live a normal life right away?

Yes. The day after the operation, during breakfast, I was thrilled when I saw the small leaves of the trees in the backyard. For the first time I was aware of a new perspective, totally different from the blurry picture I had so far.

How long ago did you have the surgery and have you adapted well to the lenses?

It is now half a year since the operation and I feel perfectly well. I recently had another check-up and continue to have 100% vision. I can see far, near and intermediate distances without glasses and without discomfort.

Have you noticed a difference in your quality of life?

Of course! The best thing is the feeling of freedom I have now, not depending on my glasses, always on my bedside table, or being able to jump into the pool and see underwater. For me it is a unique feeling, without a doubt a huge improvement in my life.

¿Did you feel well advised in deciding which lenses were the most suitable for your pathology?

Yes. After evaluating my case, the doctor told me that I was a good candidate for the latest generation of Premiun trifocal lenses. In summary, I can say that it has been a totally satisfactory experience in every way.

Do you recommend Omiq?

No doubt about it! The treatment of the staff, both the optometrists and the doctor, as well as the girls in administration has been very human and professional. From the first moment you feel the tranquility of being in good hands. I have never been so happy after an operation, I am telling all my family and friends to whom I recommend that, in case of any eye problem, they should come to Omiq.

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