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Cataract surgery unit

What is the cataract surgery unit?

The cataract is the pathology that affects the eyes most frequently. It involves a progressive loss of vision that, when it prevents you from accurately performing the tasks of daily life, must be operated. Cataracts are not in themselves a disease but a sign of the passage of time. If we exceeded 100 years, we would probably all end up operated.

Our Cataract Surgery Unit is made up of a team of professionals led by surgeons with a long history in this type of operation. In addition to obtaining excellent results, they have extensive knowledge and long experience in resolving the most complex cases that involve greater difficulty or greater risk. Whenever necessary, our unit works together with colleagues from other subspecialties with the aim of achieving the best results for the patient.

Our team also offers the best refractive solutions after cataract surgery to avoid the need to wear glasses, both for distance and near vision. In this way we correct presbyopia or tired eyesight. In this way we correct presbyopia or long sightedness from age.

Cataract treatments

Through cataract surgery we remove the cataract while applying a refractive solution to eliminate the need for glasses.

Currently the technique of choice for cataract surgery is the so-called ultrasound phacoemulsification for the removal of the crystalline lens that has been losing its transparency, although laser technology has recently entered the scene to further improve the results.

Our Cataract Unit incorporates the latest technologies, including laser technology, to carry out this type of intervention.

Our team advises in a personalized way and indicates the best option in each case.

Cataract pathologies and treatments


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