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OMIQ Eye spa barcelona

The Eye Spa

OMIQ has launched the first Eye Spa in Barcelona. Its objective is to keep eyes healthy and rejuvenate the appearance of the skin around the eyes.

The service is run by a team of ophthalmology specialists who offer the best treatments to soothe, refresh, relax and pamper your eyes.

The Eye Spa is the definitive solution for those people who suffer from ocular surface diseases such as dry eye syndrome. The exposure of our eyes to irritating agents or continuous use of electronic devices for hours and the decrease in blinking frequencies enhances this syndrome. This pathology causes a feeling of grittiness and uncomfortable, fluctuating vision.

The Eye Spa is an excellent option to help us take care of the delicate skin around the eyes, relieve discomfort and irritation and highlight its natural beauty.

In this space created to receive care from highly trained personnel, they help us improve the condition of the skin around the eye, which deeply impacts the quality of tears and the tear film.

After an initial comprehensive evaluation, Omiq specialists prepare a personalized 60 to 90 day treatment plan, with results guaranteed after 30 days. The sessions include the use of high-intensity pulsed light with Thermaeye™ technology, the latest breakthrough for the treatment of moderate and severe Dry Eye Syndrome. This innovative technique achieves effective, fast and safe results when the pathology does not respond to conventional therapies.

OMIQ Eye spa barcelona

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