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Ophthalmic research makes us better

Our clinical ophthalmology research unit, Vallès Oftalmologia Recerca (VOR), enjoys national and international recognition among leading professionals. Among other units, the research unit stands out for the quality of its work and its contributions to numerous trials clinics conducted in recent years. It is currently actively participating in numerous studies on the retina, glaucoma, ocular surface and cataract surgery, as well as new intraocular lenses.

We are aware that ophthalmological research makes us better clinicians. In addition, it allows us to be at the forefront of treatments that may be available in the immediate future.

Participate in clinical trials

Clinical trials give the opportunity to participate in studies carried out by research teams on the most innovative treatments, with personalized and cutting-edge care. The patient will always be informed of any possible side effect or discomfort derived from the study.

What cost do they have for the patient?

The selected patients will not have to pay for the assessment or the intraocular lens or the follow-up that is necessary.

How long are clinical trials?

The duration will depend on each case and according to the trial in which you participate. At any time the patient can decide to leave the study. A meticulous follow-up will be carried out with special attention to any doubt or anomaly that may arise.

At this time, our research team is participating in clinical trial programs to access treatments for age-related macular degeneration, ocular involvement due to diabetes or retinal vein thrombosis, among others.

Any patient interested in participating can contact us at T/683569541 or send an e-mail to

Active clinical trials

Dry eye

Duration: 6 weeks
Treatment: drops

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