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Investigación: uno de los pilares en OMIQ


Research: one of the pillars at OMIQ

We have our own research unit that actively participates in multiple research processes in all areas of ophthalmology.

We publish in specialized magazines in the ophthalmology sector and participate in numerous national and international conferences.

We promote our own pioneering research projects.

We are one of the first centres in Spain recognized by the prestigious European Vision Institute (EVI) to carry out clinical research studies.

Research undoubtedly makes us better clinicians.

And we go further

Knowledge, improvement tool

We apply the knowledge acquired to be better clinical professionals and increase patient care and assistance.


Clinical trials

One of OMIQ's hallmarks is its interest in the development of clinical research in all areas of ophthalmology.

Our Clinical Research Unit, Vallès Oftalmologia Recerca (VOR), enjoys national and international recognition from leading professionals and other research units for the quality of its work and its contributions to numerous clinical trials carried out in recent years.

We are part of the EVICR European Vision Institute for Clinical Research network, a group of European ophthalmology centers aimed at developing studies of excellence in the field of ophthalmology.

We are currently actively participating in numerous studies on Retina, Glaucoma, Ocular surface and cataract surgery as well as new intraocular lenses.

We are aware that research makes us better clinicians while allowing us to be at the forefront of treatments that may be available in the immediate future.

What is a clinical trial?

The treatments that are currently used in ophthalmology and that have saved the vision of millions of people around the world have gone through rigorous studies before being approved. These studies are clinical trials.

A clinical trial evaluates the efficacy and safety of a medical treatment. Any clinical trial must have the approval of the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) and the Ethics Committees for Drug Research (CEIm).

At OMIQ Research we have an extensive program of clinical trials with new treatments for eye diseases.

ensayos clínicos OMIQ

Clinical trials at OMIQ

What clinical trials do we carry out at OMIQ Research?

Each study focuses on a specific condition. Therefore, an accurate diagnosis is imperative.

At OMIQ Research we participate in more than 20 studies. These include a wide range of pathologies that can seriously affect vision. These include:

In addition, we also conduct investigator-initiated studies focusing on conditions such as new intraocular lens designs for cataract surgery and glaucoma.

Who conducts these clinical trials?

These studies are carried out by the OMIQ Research team at the facilities of the General Hospital of Catalonia (Sant Cugat del Vallès).

Dr. Marc Biarnés is the Director of the OMIQ Research Department, OMIQ Research. He holds a diploma in Optics and Optometry (University School of Optics and Optometry in Terrassa, 1996), a master’s degree in Public Health (Pompeu Fabra University, UPF, 2009), a master’s degree in Stratified Medicine (Ulster University, Northern Ireland, 2020) and a PhD in Biomedicine (UPF, 2014).

Equip OMIQ Vallès Oftalmology Research
The OMIQ Research team
Marc Biarnés OMIQ Research
Dr. Marc Biarnés

Dr. Marc Biarnés has 15 years of experience in the design, conduct, analysis and communication of observational and interventional studies, including phase I to IV clinical trials. He has participated in more than 30 clinical trials related to degenerative, vascular and hereditary ocular pathologies. He has also been a researcher in competitive studies with European (Horizon 2020, Biophotonics Plus) and national (“la Caixa” foundation), in the clinical and translational field. He has participated in more than 30 clinical trials related to degenerative, vascular and hereditary ocular pathologies. He has also been a researcher in competitive studies with European (Horizon 2020, Biophotonics Plus) and national (“la Caixa” foundation), in the clinical and translational field.

He is the author of numerous articles and book chapters, coordinator of the book “Retina y nervio óptico para optometrists y otros profesionales sanitarios”, and speaker of more than 100 national and international courses. However, he is a reviewer of grant applications from the Health Research Fund of the Carlos III Institute of Health, as well as of different journals in the sector. He has received various awards throughout his professional career and in 2021 he was nominated for the National Research Awards awarded by the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation, with the support of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

OMIQ Research aims to contribute to the development of knowledge and therapies that allow the elimination of visual loss in patients around the world. To achieve this, we participate in clinical trials with pharmaceuticals with pioneering treatments for eye diseases and promote our own research, alone or in collaboration with other centers. We believe that multidisciplinary, quality and reproducible research is fundamental to achieving these goals. We are members of the EVICR group (European Vision Institute Clinical Research Network), a network of European researchers who carry out research in ophthalmology with the most rigorous standards and we have the ISO 9001:2015 certification, which accredits the quality in the management of trials clinics in which we participate.

Our team is made up of five ophthalmologists, four optometrists, a nurse and two assistants with a long career in Ophthalmology research. We have experience in studies and trials dealing with neovascular age-related macular degeneration (AMD), geographic atrophy (so-called advanced dry AMD), diabetic retinopathy, diabetic macular edema, macular edema secondary to venous thrombosis, glaucoma, cataracts and dry eye, among others, and we have expertise in both medical and surgical treatments.

We see the future with optimism, and believe that artificial intelligence and gene therapy, which we are already applying in some of our studies, will play an important role in ending blindness. Let’s make it possible.

How can I participate in a clinical trial?

Clinical trials offer the opportunity to participate in studies with innovative treatments carried out by our research team.

A rigorous ophthalmological review is necessary to determine if the best option for you is to receive an already available treatment or to participate in a clinical trial with a new therapy. The criteria to participate in a trial are strict and not all patients are candidates.

If you wish to participate in a clinical trial, please contact us.


None. The selected patients will not have to pay for the assessment or the intraocular lens or the follow-up that is necessary.


Usually between 1 and 2 years, depending on the study. The evolution of the patient is closely monitored, and they can decide to leave it at any time.

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Do you have geographic atrophy (macular degeneration or dry AMD), retinal scarring from AMD, or glaucoma?

Have you recently been diagnosed with exudative AMD, diabetic macular edema, or retinal vein thrombosis?

At OMIQ Research we have open studies for these conditions. Access the most innovative therapies, at no cost, through our clinical trials program.

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