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Retina and vitreous unit

What is the retina-vitreous unit?

In our Retina and Vitreous Unit we diagnose and treat diseases that affect the retina and vitreous, both from a medical and surgical point of view.

Among them, diseases as significant as Diabetic Retinopathy stand out, which constitutes the most important cause of legal blindness in patients between 20 and 65 years of age. For this reason, it is extremely important to carry out periodic controls in our unit in case of being diabetic. Diabetic Macular Edema frequently accompanies Diabetic Retinopathy and severely affects vision. Today there is treatment thanks to which it is possible not only to maintain vision, but in many cases to recover what has been lost.

AMD or Age-Related Macular Degeneration represents a great challenge for current medicine, since it has become the leading cause of irreversible visual loss in older people in the Western world. At present, a great deal of research is being carried out in order to develop new treatments that improve the prognosis of this disease.

Retina and vitreous treatments

The professionals in our Retina and Vitreous Unit actively participate in numerous research studies, which allows them to have a great knowledge of current treatments and those that will be available in the immediate future.

It has been proven that in many retinal pathologies, the sooner the treatment is started, the better, since otherwise the prognosis of the disease worsens. In our unit, treatment begins at the moment of diagnosis.

Vitreo-retinal surgery often becomes the most advisable alternative in the case of advanced diabetic retinopathy, vitreous hemorrhage, epiretinal membranes or retinal detachment. Our team of highly qualified professionals with extensive surgical experience achieve the best results in these cases.

There are other diseases whose solution involves surgical treatment. These may be retinal detachment or a membrane growing over the retina.

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