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Cornea and Ocular Surface Unit

What is the corneal unit?

The cornea is one of the most important lenses of our eye and it needs to be in perfect condition so that vision is not affected.

Any disorder related to it can be treated in our cornea and ocular surface unit.

Multiple processes and diseases can affect the cornea, causing it to lose its transparency, affecting its structure, producing keratoconus, or altering the magnificent balance that exists between the tear film and the surface of the eye, producing dry eyes.

In addition, the growth of tissues such as pterygium and certain tumors require expert opinion to address their resolution in time.

Cornea and ocular surface treatments

In our Cornea Unit we treat everything from annoying dry eyes to the different and more complicated cornea transplants that can be performed today. For this we have the most modern techniques and professional experts who solve the most complex surgeries.

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