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How to protect and care for your eyes in summer

When the good weather arrives and we enjoy the beach or the pool sunbathing, we worry about taking care of our skin with sunscreens, but we neglect our eye health. It is essential to protect and care for the eyes in summer.

The sun’s rays can damage ocular tissues, causing and accentuating the degeneration of the conjunctiva, incidences of cataracts or maculopathy among other ailments. Also, prolonged use of air conditioning increases the incidence of “dry eye syndrome” and the heat itself increases tear evaporation. This causes dryness of the eye, resulting in burning, sensitivity and a gritty sensation.

Some tips for protecting and caring for your eyes in the summertime

  1. Use ultraviolet goggles. It is essential to wear good sunglasses that provide 100% UV protection. If possible, they should be polarized to help eliminate glare.
  2. Wearing a hat reduces the incidence of radiation on the eyes by 90 percent.
  3. Be more careful during midday and naptime.
  4. Be careful when applying sun creams on the face to avoid eye irritation.
  5. If contact lenses are worn, avoid contact with water, as they may cause eye infections.
  6. Use moisturizing drops from time to time, always under the recommendation of a specialist.

And remember that it is very important to have an annual check-up with your ophthalmologist.

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