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Geographic atrophy associated with AMD: Omiq participates in clinical study

Omiq’s Clinical Research Unit (VOR) will participate this year in an international clinical study on geographic atrophy associated with AMD. The aim of this project is to slow down the evolution of this pathology.

The trial will be carried out at the Omiq centers of the Hospital Universitari Sagrat Cor in Barcelona and the Hospital Universitari General de Catalunya in Sant Cugat del Vallès. Its duration will be 2 years. During this period patients will be treated with injections in the eye on a monthly basis.

Patients diagnosed with geographic atrophy associated with secondary AMD are eligible for the study. OMIQ ophthalmology specialists will evaluate them and determine whether they meet the eligibility criteria necessary to take part in the study. In this sense, those who are diagnosed fit will be able to receive the treatment.

Research through clinical trials

Participating in a clinical trial offers the opportunity to access the most innovative treatments with personalized attention from medical experts. In addition, the selected patients will not have to pay for the necessary assessment and treatment.

VOR is Omiq’s research unit, recognized by the European Vision Institute (EVI). It develops clinical studies to carry out innovative treatments in the field of ophthalmology. In this way, the clinical-research binomial is fed back with the consequent improvement of health care. VOR is currently actively participating in numerous ophthalmological studies.

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