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Spectralis imaging platform course

OMIQ is always committed to training in order to continue improving the quality of its ophthalmological patient care.

Omiq optometrists Sergi Ruiz and Meritxell Vázquez went to Madrid on January 17 to participate in a practical course for users of the Spectralis imaging platform. Organized by the Spanish Macula Club and the Fundación Ver Salud, the course is aimed at auxiliary personnel, specialized nurses, clinical optometrists and ophthalmologists in training. Its purpose is to influence the specialization of the retinologist’s support team and to generate a collaborative network to improve interactivity between centers.

The program included Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), a simple and non-invasive diagnostic imaging technique and its practical utilities to optimize the capture and facilitate the diagnosis of macular pathology and glaucoma mainly. In addition, he addressed basic concepts of retinal diseases to provide guidance on a perfect examination. It also included practical exercises with Spectralis equipment captures on patients, broadcast via streaming to the more than 50 specialists in attendance.

The imaging platform Spectralis is a solution for the non-invasive, multimodal study of pathologies associated with the retina, choroid and optic nerve. It is intended to provide the ophthalmologist with unique views of the structure and function of the eye and to provide an accurate diagnosis.

By attending this course, Omiq achieves the excellence of its support staff to the ophthalmologist retina and glaucoma specialist. This allows them to achieve higher quality complementary tests to improve the results of the treatments they provide to their patients.

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