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Omiq participates in the Hospital de Carrer of St. Anne’s parish

18 November 2019

Omiq Ophthamology has participated, one more year, in the Hospital de Carrer, an initiative carried out by the parish of Santa Ana in Barcelona with the collaboration of the Hospital Universitari Sagrat Cor. Thanks to the impulse of the nun, Viqui Molins, for three days professionals from various medical specialties have attended to homeless people or those lacking resources to access quality medical care in the cloister of the church.

Ophthalmology has become one of the most demanded services of this improvised outpatient clinic. A visual examination is performed at each visit. Thanks to Omiq’s volunteer work, the optometrist, Maite Serrano, has dedicated two days to the visual improvement of these patients.

What we do is to assess the problem of each patient and look for a solution, i.e. glasses appropriate to their visual difficulty ,” explains Maite Serrano. “In case you need a fundus or a more severe pathology is detected, you are referred to hospital.”

From Omiq they are provided with suitable glasses to improve their daily activity second hand, coming from donations from hospital workers or from collection points of the parish. “Actually, this has been one of the best received services because, when we came out with glasses, the news has spread through the neighborhood and we have almost been overwhelmed. “The Omiq physician emphasizes.

This is the third edition of the “Hospital de Carrer”. The initiative, which involves some 170 volunteer medical professionals, is carried out twice a year. The campaign of the Hospital Universitari Sagrat Cor also allows to continue with the development of a health map of homeless people.

Video of the news on TV3:

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