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Omiq Contactology Unit

At OMIQ Ophthalmological Institute we have a Contact Lens Unit specialized in the adaptation of contact lenses. These lenses allow us to correct all the visual problems of our patients.

At Omiq we are able to fit contact lenses in patients with complex cases. They may have problems with the use of their current lenses or because they have eyes that have difficulty using this type of eyewear product.

Contactology Unit

What services does our Contactology Unit offer?

  • Adaptation of contact lenses to correct refractive defects such as myopia.
  • Adaptation of contact lenses in patients with corneal alterations, such as trauma or after surgery.
  • Use of contact lenses in children and adolescents.
  • Treatment of alterations or injuries caused by a bad use of contact lenses.

In addition, in our Contactology Unit we have all types of contact lenses available in the market and made of different materials. This allows us to correct all visual defects or alterations presented by our patients.

For more information, call 93 619 71 17 for an appointment.

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