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Vision tips during pregnancy

In this post we want to share some tips on vision during pregnancy. The health of the mother is as important as that of the baby during the months of gestation. That’s why at Omiq we want to help you keep it in the best condition by taking care of your eyes.

1. Combats dry eyes

During pregnancy it is common to notice some dryness in the eyes due to a decrease in tear secretion caused by hormonal fluctuations. In addition, dry eyes increase the predisposition to suffer infections such as conjunctivitis or keratitis, due to a lower tear quality.

This is a discomfort that will surely disappear after delivery, but we advise that, if contact lenses are worn, they should be temporarily replaced by glasses. The administration of lubricating eye drops will also be of great help to alleviate it.

2. Protect yourself from increased eye sensitivity.

Many pregnant women experience increased eye sensitivity to light. This discomfort can be aggravated by migraines, which are also more frequent among expectant mothers. To ameliorate this discomfort, we recommend the use of appropriate ultraviolet protection lenses.

3. Relieves swelling

Some pregnant women suffer from swollen eyelids in the morning caused by hormonal changes. To alleviate it, we recommend natural home remedies such as chamomile or fresh water compresses.

4. Check your diopter

During the gestation period there is an increase in the thickness of the cornea, which may result in a slight increase in diopters, especially in women with myopia. But even those who have never had visual problems may experience some myopia, which usually returns to previous values after breastfeeding. For this reason, it is advisable to check your eyesight from time to time and never change your prescription during these months of pregnancy and lactation or have refractive surgery.

Women with medium and high myopia should take special care and monitor their vision more closely. The examination should include the fundus to avoid any complication that, in the worst case, could be a retinal detachment during delivery. For this reason, gynecologists insist that pregnant women with myopia -even those who have undergone refractive surgery- go for an ophthalmologic checkup. This will determine the condition of the eye and whether it is necessary to choose one type of delivery or another.

5. Controls intraocular pressure

During the gestation period, intraocular pressure may also decrease. Women with glaucoma or a history of glaucoma, hypertension or diabetes should be especially careful. If you notice a significant decrease in vision, it is advisable to see an ophthalmologist as soon as possible.

In short, all pregnant women should undergo an ophthalmologic fundus examination throughout their pregnancy to prevent possible complications.

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