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Vivity Intraocular Lens Implant Surgery for Cataract Solution

Emilia Mollfulleda is a cataract patient who has undergone cataract surgery by Dr. Mercè Guarro. In this interview he explains what his life was like before the operation and how it changed after the VIVITY intraocular lens implant.

What was your life like before surgery?

My life has always been very active, although for some time I had lost a lot of my sight and this limited me in some daily activities. In several revisions that I had to get my glasses graduated, they could not find the right one for me.

When did you start experiencing blurred vision?

My surprise was when my driver’s license was renewed, and I was told that the problem probably came from cataracts. So, I made an appointment at my ophthalmology center with Dr. Mercè Guarro, who confirmed it to me.

When did you make the decision to have surgery and decide which type of intraocular lens would be best for you?

First Dr. Guarro, corroborated me that I did indeed have a major cataract and that it had to be removed quickly. Before I underwent surgery, she solved my doubts and advised me the VIVITY intraocular lens, since it would not only allow me to recover my vision due to the cataract, but it could restore a good vision from far, intermediate and only the need to use glasses.
for a closer look. Although in my case, it has been 100% satisfactory and I can do without them.

Have you heard of intraocular lenses before?

A good friend of mine had told me that she had worn these lenses and that the degree of satisfaction was not entirely good, since when she drove at night, she could not see safely, since the lights dazzled her a lot. When I told the doctor, she explained what I needed for my needs, and she really gave me a lot of confidence. Specifically, he recommended a VIVITY intraocular lens , which corrected presbyopia, providing high-quality distance and intermediate vision and functional near vision.

Was professional advice helpful to you in deciding on the type of lens?

For me it was imperative that I receive comprehensive advice from Dr. Guarro, since my knowledge was very low.

How do you remember the day of the operation?

Everything was perfect and I received an exquisite treatment from the doctor and her medical team. Dr. Guarro explained to me in detail what the whole procedure would be like and gave me a lot of confidence.

How was your experience after surgery?

My experience after the operation was very satisfactory, no discomfort, even after 10 days they operated on my second eye and I am delighted.

How was the postoperative period?

When I left the clinic, I wore sunglasses, as I was bothered by the halos of light. Back home, I rested.
The next day my vision was sharper and I was able to start my routine as usual, without being exposed to any danger. I followed the instructions to the letter, drops, … and I had no problems.

Now after surgery, can you carry out daily activities without glasses?

After the operation, I have no need to wear my progressive glasses, as I can read normal handwriting perfectly well. I only use them at night for fine print or for sewing dark clothing.

Do you notice any difference in your lifestyle?

I’m super happy, since all my life wearing glasses, the feeling when I wake up of not having the need to look for them on the bedside table, is a joy.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about having surgery?

They should go to the clinic with peace of mind and put themselves in the hands of these great professionals.

Has your fear of having visual disturbances such as halos or major flashes with lights disappeared?

The truth is that my blurred vision made halos common at night, as for example with car headlights. Thanks to the intraocular lens, I have gradually improved and today I have no disorientation at all.

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