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At the San Juan festival, you have to be careful!

In Catalonia on the night of June 23, the festival of San Juan is celebrated, the shortest night of the year, which is filled with light and noise of bonfires and above all, firecrackers. From the team of the Instituto Oftalmológico OMIQ, we want to give you some advice to enjoy a peaceful and happy evening.

What to watch out for with firecrackers and pyrotechnics?

  • Always buy pyrotechnic products in authorized establishments.
  • Do not keep firecrackers in your pockets.
  • Do not hold firecrackers with your hands.
  • Use wicks to light them, never directly with lighters.
  • Never throw firecrackers at anyone or in wooded areas.
  • Do not light firecrackers indoors or on balconies.
  • Buy age-appropriate products.
  • Do not put firecrackers in bottles, bricks, etc., as the shrapnel they release can cause injuries.

Precautionary measures during the San Juan festival

  • Use protective goggles.
  • If an eye injury occurs, press the impacted area without compressing the eyeball.
  • Clean the affected area carefully with water and cover the wound with sterile gauze.
  • Do not scratch your eyes.
  • Go to the emergency room to have a specialist examine the burn.

From OMIQ we wish you a happy St. John’s Eve, but always with caution.

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