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Omiq in the Preoperative course on refractive surgery

November 22, 2019

Dr. Sergio Eguiza Rubí, Omiq ophthalmologist specialized in cornea and refractive surgery, participated as a speaker in the Preoperative refractive surgery course organized by Oculus Iberia, in collaboration with Staar Surgical.
The Omiq specialist was a speaker in the first part of the conference, dedicated to Protocols and nomograms in refractive surgery, together with Dr. José Alonso, Dr. Jorge García and Dr. José María Soriano. The debate was moderated by Professor Ignacio Jiménez Alfaro, director of the course.
The Preoperative Workshop in Refractive Surgery took place on Friday, November 15 at the Meeting Place Auditorium in Madrid. The other topics covered were biomechanics and topography; ocular surface; and clinical cases of this discipline.

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