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Corneal crosslinking

What is corneal crosslinking?

Corneal crosslinking is the application of ultraviolet radiation to the cornea to strengthen its cell layers and stop the deformation that occurs in keratoconus.

In which cases is it done?

Corneal crosslinking is the treatment of choice for initial keratoconus, which still has good visual acuity but is progressing. With crosslinking, the evolution of keratoconus is slowed down, thus avoiding subsequent keratoplasty.

Previous exams

A complete ophthalmological examination is necessary prior to surgery.

The intervention

Crosslinking is a long surgery (approximately 1 hour). It is performed under topical anaesthesia and is a totally ambulatory surgery.

The postoperative period is uncomfortable for the first few days, so therapeutic contact lenses and analgesia can be given to alleviate symptoms.

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