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Laser surgery in myopia

What is laser surgery in myopia (nearsighted)?

Laser surgery in myopia (nearsighted) is a beam of concentrated light rays, used to correct refractive errors that occur in myopia (nearsighted) due to an eyeball that is longer than normal or an excessively curved cornea.

Several techniques can be used, such as lasik, lasek or prk, the most widely used being lasik.

The advantages of the laser are that it does not present risks of infection, does not require hospitalization, and gives the surgeon great precision and control.

In which cases is it done?

Laser surgery in myopia (nearsighted) is performed in patients with myopia (nearsighted) who wish to do without glasses or contact lenses.

Previous exams

Prior to laser surgery in myopia (nearsighted), a complete ophthalmological examination and a visual acuity test must be performed. It is important to detect the type of myopia (nearsighted) and the degree that the patient has.

On the day of the intervention it is important that the patient is accompanied, since after the surgery her vision will not be good.

In addition, after surgery you should rest your eyes in a room with no light and apply the recommended topical medications.


In some cases, surgery can lead to dry eye.

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