Medical & Surgical Ophthalmology

Intracorneal lenses

What are intracorneal lenses?

They are 1 mm radius lenses, completely transparent, which are surgically placed in the centre of the cornea to modify its asphericity.

They are used to correct presbyopia, since they change the depth of focus and favor close vision.

In what cases are they used?

Presbyopia involves the loss of elasticity of the crystalline lens and therefore of its accommodation capacity, which translates into difficulty focusing on nearby objects. Near vision glasses are used to correct prebyopia, so intracorneal lenses are ideal for patients who wish to get rid of them.

In addition, the surgery is easily reversible by removing this lens, or by placing another.

Previous exams

A complete ophthalmologic examination should be performed to determine if the patient is suitable for surgery and which lens should be placed.


Presbyopia tends to evolve, so as time goes by, vision correction measures must be corrected. However, the technique of intracorneal lenses is increasingly reversible, to modify the correction of the patient’s vision without causing inconvenience to the patient.

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