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Injections of antiangiogenic drugs

What are antiangiogenic drug injections?

Injections of intraocular anti-angiogenic drugs (drugs that prevent the proliferation of blood vessels) are a route of local administration of these drugs in the eye.

In which cases do they apply?

Intraocular injections of these drugs are the treatment of choice for exudative or wet AMD. (Which is the type of age-related macular degeneration in which there is rapid growth of blood vessels.)

Previous exams

Before applying the injections of antiangiogenic drugs, a complete ophthalmological examination will be necessary, including a fundus and an OCT to see the retina. And in some cases a fluorescein angiography to see the state of the retinal blood vessels.

The intervention

The injection is performed under topical anaesthesia and usually does not cause discomfort. The eye and eyelids should be thoroughly disinfected before performing the procedure, as well as a topical antibiotic administered to the eye for a few days afterwards is sometimes needed.


Like any intervention, there are some risks associated with it, the most frequent being infection, although the risk is minimal if good prophylaxis is carried out.

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