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What is the macular hole?

The macular hole is an eye disease that affects the macula, the central portion of the retina.

In this disease, lesions are produced consisting of the loss of suddenickness of the macular retina, even leading to the formation of a hole in this area of the retina.

Why does the macular hole occur?

The causes of the macular hole are unknown, but it has been proven that age or trauma can cause the vitreous humor to detach from the macula, stretching it and forming the hole.

This is the macular hole

How does the macular hole appear?

Early in the disease, symptoms manifest mildly with blurred or distorted central vision. When it evolves, a black spot may appear in the centre of the vision area, preventing basic tasks such as reading, driving or watching television.

Macular hole treatment

If the disease is detected very early, medical treatment can be performed by intravitreal injection of ocriplasmin. In most of the cases, the macular hole must be surgically treated by vitrectomy and tamponade with gas, with a cure rate of 90% of the cases.

Macular hole prevention

The macular hole cannot be prevented, but it can be detected early and controlled periodically to operate as soon as possible.



Around 50-60 years old.


Worsening or loss of central vision in the visual field.


Before and after surgery, if there is one, to follow the improvement in visual acuity.


Early detection is a key point in the treatment of this disease.

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