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What is orbiculectomy?

Orbiculectomy is a surgical treatment whose purpose is to remove muscle fibers from the orbicularis muscle. Thanks to surgery, there is a weakening of the muscles that produce the forced and involuntary closure of the eyelids.

In which cases is it done?

It is performed in severe cases of blepharospasm, which have not responded to conservative treatment (sunglasses and eye lubrication), or to treatment with botulinum toxin.

Previous exams

Before performing the orbiculectomy, a complete examination of the eyelids should be carried out.

Before the intervention

Anticoagulants or aspirin should not be taken before surgery, your surgeon will tell you when to stop the medication if you take it.


In some cases, surgery is not definitive and it is necessary to continue with botulinum toxin injections as associated therapy. However, its efficiency is 90%.

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