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Lasik, Lasek, PRK

What are the laser techniques Lasik, Lasek, PRK?

Lasik is the most widely used laser technique, since its accuracy and safety is high. It performs a precise and homogeneous remodeling of the cornea, changing its curvature, which modifies its dioptric power.

The PRK technique consists of applying the excimer laser directly on the surface of the cornea, without previously lifting a sheet or flap (as the Lasik technique does).

The Lasek variant may be useful for thin corneas, which lasik cannot be done. The laser is applied without making a laminar cut on the cornea: the corneal epithelium is lifted and the laser is applied on its base. The epithelium can be preserved to achieve a closed surface at the end of the Surgery.


With Lasik visual recovery is slower and discomfort and pain are experienced during the postoperative period.

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