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Lacrimal probes

What are lacrimal probes?

The lacrimal probing technique is a surgical procedure used to treat congenital obstruction of the lacrimal duct.

In which cases is it done?

Lacrimal probing is performed in children between the ages of 9 and 12 months diagnosed with congenital obstruction of the lacrimal duct.

Previous exams

A complete ophthalmological examination must be carried out, including the eyelid and periocular area.

The tear meniscus is especially valued, which is the amount of tear that remains accumulated on the edge of the lower eyelid. Based on the amount accumulated, the ophthalmologist can determine if there is a lacrimal obstruction or not.

The lacrimal sac should also be assessed by palpation or expression of the lacrimal sac.

During surgery

It is an outpatient procedure, but when performed on children, it is performed under general anesthesia.

The surgery consists of driving a metal guide through the lacrimal duct. This allows opening the membranes that obstruct it to allow the tear to drain.


Surgery has immediate results, but the final ones are not appreciated until a few weeks have passed.

After surgery, the patient’s eye is occluded for 24 hours. After this time, a postoperative visit should be made to the patient.

Antibiotic and anti-inflammatory ointments and eye drops should be applied to the patient after surgery. The surgeon will determine the dose and duration of treatment.

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