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What is iridotomy?

Iridotomy consists of using an argon or yag laser (the latter being the most widely used) to balance pressures between the anterior and posterior chambers.

In which cases is it done?

It is performed for the treatment of angle-closure glaucoma. It is performed especially urgently in acute attacks of glaucoma in which the pressures between the ocular chambers must be quickly balanced to resolve the sudden rise in intraocular pressure due to pupillary block.

Previous exams

A complete ophthalmological examination must be carried out, including a gonioscopy to measure the angle and know if it is open or closed.


By using the laser, the surgeon makes a hole on the periphery of the iris, which communicates the posterior and anterior chambers. By equalizing pressures, the acute pupillary block is resolved, improving the patient’s clinic. Iridotomy should be performed Prophylactically in the contralateral eye, since if one eye suffers it means that the other is predisposed to having an acute attack of glaucoma.

In a second intervention, an iridoplasty will be performed.

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