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OMIQ incorporates BlephEx™ device for blepharitis treatment.

Omiq adds the BlephEx™ device to its centers for the treatment of blepharitis. It is a pioneering medical procedure for eyelid hygiene that provides immediate relief from itching, stinging and other discomforts associated with blepharitis. The device is also effective in treating Dry Eye Syndrome.

What is blepharitis

Blepharitis or eyelid inflammation is a chronic pathology that affects the area where the eyelashes grow on both eyelids. It usually appears when the small sebaceous glands near the base of the eyelashes become blocked. This causes inflammation of the hair follicles and sebaceous glands of the eyelid. To combat it, it is essential that the eyelid is thoroughly cleaned.

How the BlephEx™ device works

Eyelid hygiene treatment with BlephEx™ is performed in Omiq’s ophthalmology practice. The device is specifically designed for meticulous cleaning and immediate relief of discomfort associated with blepharitis or dry eye syndrome.

Its operation is similar to oral hygiene treatment with a toothbrush. With BlephEx™, our ophthalmologists thoroughly sanitize the edges of the eyelids and eyelashes painlessly by removing excess bacteria, biofilms (biofilms) and bacterial toxins.

A regular treatment of a few minutes with BlephEx™ in Omiq’s practice, in addition to achieving effective cleansing, improves the quality of tears and also alleviates the symptomatology of dry eyes.

Who is eligible for BlephEx™ treatment?

People who suffer from the following symptoms and who have been visited and diagnosed by our ophthalmologists are eligible for treatment:

  • Itching and stinging of the eye
  • Excessive tearing
  • Foreign body sensation in the eye
  • Crusts and scales on eyelids and eyelashes
  • Chalation
  • People affected by Dry Eye Syndrome
  • Those who suffer from frequent sties
  • Ocular redness and inflammation
  • Contact lens wearers

It can also be used in preoperative cataract or refractive laser surgery.

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